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What is your relationship anyway?

What is your relationship anyway?

TToday, “relationship” implies some sort of a connection, devoted, often romance-based, usually sexual and usually monogamous. This connection can refer to marriage (gay or straight) which can take many-many forms today, such as: married-religiously-church-union based, married-‘legally’, living-together-casually or dedicated-forever (as in ‘marriage without a license’), or, even living together for private personal benefits, and, living together in the newer civil-unions.

Separate from romance-based relationships, let us also include parent-child relationships, parent-adolescent, parent-adult-child-living-at-home, parent-adult-child-‘on their own’, parent-step-child at home or on their own, single-parent-child, single parent-part-time, employer-employee, seller-buyer, teacher-student, neighbors, in-laws, ex-wives and husbands, ex-in-laws and more.

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  1. Glad to see a blog here on relationships that does not use a lot of therapybabble.

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